Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Gift...from Becca

OOHH! Mom, thank you so much for all my Christmas presents… I can’t believe you actually got me everything I asked for. Everything fits great!... Can I wear this for the rest of the day?…

Slow down Steven, take a breath… Of course you can wear it all day, but maybe you’ll want to wear something else? In case you didn’t notice there are still plenty of unopened gifts under the tree…

More girls clothes? For me? What’s left? I already opened this dress, pantyhose, shoes, a whole package of panties and this fantastic wig…when I said I wanted a wig I never dreamed it would be so long, but then I never imagined I be standing here dressed like this either.

Well you kept your end of the deal, straight A’s in school, so I’m keeping my end… But remember our rules, No more stealing your cousins panties or anyone else’s either. For now no girls clothes outside the house and most important keep your grades up!
Now let’s see what else “Stephanie” got from Santa…

  After all the gifts were opened “Stephanie” had amassed quite a collection of new clothes. Not including what she already had on, there were, another package of panties, 2 camisoles, 3 pair of tights, (1 black, 1 white and 1 gray),  a cute long top and leggings set, denim skirt, 2 more tops, another dress and the last package opened was “Stephanie’s” first training bra which “she” immediately ran upstairs and put on…  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Without Funds

Without the funds for a lot of girls clothes, Oscar does the next best thing.
He puts on his wig, does his makeup, and gets dressed as Celia his alter ego.
Then it is off to the mall where Celia hits all the best stores.
Here we catch up with Celia trying on the first of 4 swimsuits.
Of course with out any money all he can do is add to his wish list photo album.
He thinks, definitely a keeper… now if I only had $37…    

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Michael loves when his parents go away for long weekends. No sooner do their taillights disappear, than Michelle makes her appearance. Michael has been doing this for about 2 years now, since he was 14 and his sister went away to collage. At first he would just wear the clothes she left at home, but soon he found himself buying his own things. Sometimes he would see a girl at school wearing the same thing he had bought for himself and couldn’t wait to get home and put his on. Before long he had dresses, skirts, tops, even a pair of girls jeans, and shoes. He now had more panties than his sister and several bras too.
Much to his parents displeasure Michael has been letting his hair grow over the last year and a half and this weekend he is going to put his long hair to use. With all the practice he has had fixing his hair and playing with make-up, he finally feels confident enough to venture out.
Here we catch a glimpse of Michelle in the mirror fixing her hair. All “she” needs now is her skirt to cover her “boy leg” panties, some shoes and the adventure begins…

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Tommy, I know I said you can wear your sister’s clothes, but I think you are taking it a little to far. You have spent your whole months allowance on that hairpiece and underwear.

But mom Jenny won’t let me wear her panties and I figured I should have a few bras as well. And the hairpiece matches so well, I got a really good deal on it.

OK, but from now on you check with me before you go shopping! Do you understand me young man? Now get upstairs and do your homework. I wont have you fail the 8th grade and end up in summer school.

I finished before you got home, so can I take a walk around the block?

Fine but be home for dinner… 

But what Tommy’s mom failed to notice was that Jenny never owned that skirt or shoes. I guess Tommy goes shopping more than his mom thinks.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Take it already!

OK Just take the picture already!!
YES! I have the panties on, SEE!

They’re called spankies, not panties. But you better have the panties on underneath.

Yes I do, and the bra, everything you gave me. Just take it…

I’m just about set, another minute. Besides it not my fault you lost the bet.
I can’t wait for the yearbooks to come out. Who would have thought our star pointgaurd could look so cute?

Enough already, I can’t believe my parents and the principal are allowing it! I never thought cheerleaders were so well conditioned. I should have never made the bet at the pep rally in front of everybody.

How do you think I feel? My boyfriend will be in our senior yearbook as a cheerleader in a skirt. Just be glad I took photography and they let us do this in private.

Fine just take the picture already!

OOHH, I have been taking them, my favorite so far is the one lifting your skirt.

So far? How many do you need?

Just a few more, then we can go out, I brought you a change of clothes.

I have the clothes I wore here?

You wont need them, trust me.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturdays at the office

Monday through Friday Jason is very popular with the women in his office, but on Saturdays Jason gets dressed up and goes to the office as Jessica. He catches up on all the work he neglects while socializing during the week. He has been doing this for about 6 months and never been caught… that is until today!  Sherry, one of his co-workers stopped by to get something from her desk.
Jason? Is that you hiding over there? What are you wearing, ahh, I know what you are wearing. But why are you dressed like that?
Hiii Sherry… Well you see I made this bet with my girlfriend and I lost, so I had to “walk a mile in her shoes”. She agreed to let me do it on a Saturday.
That’s funny, you never mentioned a “girlfriend” before and you look way to good to be your first time. What’s your girlfriends name?
UUMMM Jessica, Jessica is her name.
Well, get up off the floor and tell me all about “Jessica”.
OK, but your not going to tell anyone about this are you?
That depends on whether or not I believe you, and so far I don’t. So start telling the truth Jessica!
After telling Sherry the truth, Sherry decided she liked Jason as Jessica and kept the secret. During the week it was Jason, but Saturdays at the office have never been the same since Sherry started stopping by to go to lunch with Jessica…  

Friday, November 25, 2011

A long long time ago...

My first caption, a real blast from the past. I created it around 1992...

A Fresh Start

  Will be using this space to share TG themed captions I've created over the years. I will be taking them from my Yahoo group of the same name as the blog, and also be posting newly created ones. So if they look familiar and sound familiar you may have visited my group in the past.
   As the Blog title suggests the captions will all be of a “PG” rated nature. No nasty  or vulgar captions or pictures will be posted. This will be a safe haven for all to enjoy… I hope you come along for the ride… Thanks for stopping by…

Giggles and Smiles Always,