Saturday, February 13, 2016



Giggles and Smiles Always, Becca



I only put these clothes on because it’s Valentines Day and you asked me. You said it would be fun, sorta like a Sadie Hawkins thing… But there is no way I’m going out like this. Yes the dress fits fine and the panties and bra aren’t so bad. You know I love these tights, at least when you wear them. What if someone from school sees me, I mean this belt is so stupid looking and the wig, we have to do something with it and maybe a little make-up? And what about shoes, can I wear those white pumps with the little kitten heel? 
   Looks like 14 year old Thomas is really enjoying his Girlfriends Valentines games. Just wait until she ells him the panties, tights and bra are his to keep and they will be heading to the mall this Valentines Day for some girl power shopping...