Monday, November 28, 2011

Take it already!

OK Just take the picture already!!
YES! I have the panties on, SEE!

They’re called spankies, not panties. But you better have the panties on underneath.

Yes I do, and the bra, everything you gave me. Just take it…

I’m just about set, another minute. Besides it not my fault you lost the bet.
I can’t wait for the yearbooks to come out. Who would have thought our star pointgaurd could look so cute?

Enough already, I can’t believe my parents and the principal are allowing it! I never thought cheerleaders were so well conditioned. I should have never made the bet at the pep rally in front of everybody.

How do you think I feel? My boyfriend will be in our senior yearbook as a cheerleader in a skirt. Just be glad I took photography and they let us do this in private.

Fine just take the picture already!

OOHH, I have been taking them, my favorite so far is the one lifting your skirt.

So far? How many do you need?

Just a few more, then we can go out, I brought you a change of clothes.

I have the clothes I wore here?

You wont need them, trust me.


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