Monday, September 17, 2012

A Trip to Washington DC

By Becca

          16-year-old Benjamin had been planning this day for the last 2 months. It was to be perfect. His parents were taking him with them on his fathers conference trip to Washington DC. It was a simple plan, he just needed to pack some of his favorite “girls” clothes in his suitcase along with his regular clothes. So pack he did and since he was to have his own adjoining room he threw in a nighty to sleep in too.
 At dinner the first night everything was falling into place, in the morning his parents were to leave early for the conference opening breakfast. He would meet up with them again that evening for dinner. A whole day to himself to explore Washington DC.
   That night Benjamin slipped into his panties then put on his sweat pants and kicked back to watch TV, when he was sure his parents had gone to bed he put on his training bra and nighty then modeled it in the large mirror before climbing into bed.
  He could hardly sleep, his mind was racing with thoughts of his adventure tomorrow. Suddenly there was a knock on the adjoining door, he froze, not sure what was happening. Then his mom’s voice, “ honey I need to use your bathroom so we won’t be late” then she opened the door. When he realized what he was wearing he darted under the covers, his heart was beating so fast and when she went into the bathroom he quickly slipped out of the bra and nighty and anxiously waited for her to be done. When she left his room he put on his sweat pants and clicked on the TV until they left for the conference.
  Once they said their goodbyes, Benjamin jumped into the shower to get his plan underway. With his fair skin and light hair there wasn’t much to shave but he ran the razor over his face, arms and legs just the same. Once out of the shower he checked the clock, 7:15, the breakfast was underway so he could now get dressed for the day.
  Out of the suitcase he took a fresh pair of light yellow panties, his favorite tan pleated skirt, white blouse, knee socks, a comfortable pair of walking shoes and an auburn wig. After dropping the towel he had wrapped around his chest he slid his panties up his smooth legs and tucked everything away nicely in the panties. A quick peek in the mirror then he sits down and pulls up the knee socks. Next the pleated skirt. Benjamin loves this skirt, it’s just the perfect length, long enough to be modest but not so long as to be frumpy. He bought it after seeing a girl in school wearing it and over heard her say it was from ‘Target”. Two days later he was wearing his own and just loves it. He put on his shoes that he bought just for this trip, he had been wearing them at home every chance he could so they would be broken in for today. Then grabbed up his blouse and wig and headed into his moms room for her make-up.
  As he walked past the large mirror he couldn’t believe it even without the wig and make-up he look like a girl. Just his luck, mom had left all her make-up out so he would not need to worry about putting it back. He placed his blouse and wig down so not to get anything on it and began to sort the make-up to find “his” colors. Just a touch of peach foundation, a hint of pink eye shadow, charcoal eyeliner and “sungold pink” liquid lip shine. Benjamin was so pleased, all that practice at home paid off. Next came the wig, it was a short auburn wig with a white headband, he paid plenty for it but couldn’t resist it when he first saw it. It was his prized possession. He kept his natural blonde hair very short, so the wig always fit perfect with no tell tale signs. The headband was not only cute but help to keep the wig in place. Once settled on his head, a few adjustments including pulling a few pieces of hair forward of the headband and he was set. Now for his bra and blouse…
  He picked up his blouse and looked around for the bra, then it happened, his mothers voice… “I think your bra is in your bed from this morning”… Benjamin didn’t know what to do, he just stood there frozen, with his blouse covering his bare chest for what seemed like an eternity.

Then his mom spoke again, “sorry dear, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I just came back for a sweater, the conference center A.C. is blasting.
  Then Benjamin spoke, “You’re not mad? Or surprised?”
“Mad? No, not mad, but a little surprised. I’m surprised how cute you look. Are you going out like that?”
  “Ahh, yes I was, but I’ll get changed now”
“For what? I just wanted to know if you are going out, because I have a purse that you could use. Be sure to take your cell phone and don’t lose my purse.”
Benjamin couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he didn’t know what to say or do and just continued to stand there…
“Here let me find that bra for you” said his mother as she stepped away to the other room.
Benjamin’s legs were finally able to move and he followed his mom into his room. There he was standing in front of his mother wearing panties, a skirt and holding a blouse with his make-up done perfectly for a teen girl, only problem was Benjamin is a boy.
“Here it is” his mother said holding up Benjamin’s training bra.  Benjamin held out his hand to take it and said to his mom, “I thought you would be upset with me? You’re acting like I dress like this all the time, like I’m your daughter.”
“To tell you the truth, I was upset about 3 years ago when I found your girls clothes in the back of your closet, but then your father and I had a talk and we decided it could have been worse, you know, drugs and stuff. So we decided not to say anything because you were not hurting anyone and getting in any trouble. Plus I sort of liked the thought of pretending I have a daughter. Of course I never imagined you would look so good.”
“You mean dad knows? And he is OK with it are you sure?” For the first time this morning Benjamin felt at ease. He started to untangle the bra in his hands and a slight smile came across his face.
His mom glanced at the clock and said “ Oh my, your dad is waiting, I only came to grab a sweater. I’ll leave the purse out for you and have a fun day, but be careful things are a little different for girls you know”
Benjamin said “Thanks mom” as she went into her room. Then he stood in front of the mirror and put on his bra and was buttoning his blouse when him mom called out from the other room.
“Honey, I can’t be calling you Benjamin the way you are dressed, can I? Do you have a name picked out?”
Staring at the reflection of a cute teen girl he replied, Sara, I always liked the name Sara.”
“That is a nice name, I’m putting  $50 in your purse in case you go shopping and see something you like, you can treat yourself. Now I really have to go, come give your mom a kiss, then touch up your lips.
Sara happily walked into the other room, her skirt swaying with every step and gave her mom a kiss on the cheek. As her mom walked out the door she turned and said, “ I hope Sara can meet us for dinner tonight…”
Sara then went to touch up her lips, put the lip shine in her purse with her room key, cell phone, Benjamin’s wallet and the $50. A deep breath then it was out the door…      

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After School Fun!

It is back to school, and what did you do for after school fun?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Slipping into Fun

Now a question from your host..
What did you do for fun during summer vacations days?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back on line

Sorry for disapearing... my computer crashed and just now got back online. I hope to put some new ones up soon, but all my 100's of source photos are on my unusable hard drive... I'll see what i can do ...
Giggles and Smiles Always, Becca

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Formal

Brian is all smiles as he takes a picture wearing his sisters new gown for the spring formal. It was Saturday morning and he had the house to himself for the day so he proceeded to do what any 14-year-old boy would do. Brian made a beeline to his sisters room and immediately striped of his shorts, underwear and shirt. Knowing his sisters wardrobe probably better than her, he already knew what bra and panties he wanted to wear. After slipping on the light blue low-rise nylon panties he reached into the back of the draw for his favorite bra. It is not fancy or anything, but rather a plain white bra with a small pink bow between the lightly padded cups. Although technically it is his sisters first bra, in actuality it was his first. He remembers vividly the day 3 years ago his mom brought it home from JC Penny for his sister. She was 12 and wanted no part in wearing a bra, so there it sat unworn on top of her dresser. After 2 days Brian couldn’t take it any longer, walking by her room and seeing it there begging to be worn. Finally he gave in and when no one was around he snatched it up and scurried to the bathroom. He studied it carefully then slowly put it on. Brian was amazed how it looked, he couldn’t take his eyes off that pink bow, and he found himself tracing the lines of the cups as they fit so nicely on his chest. When looking down at his chest he loved how the cups seem to give him a small bust line, and looking in mirror in profile seemed to confirm it, Brian now had “little boobies”. A term his mother had used when talking to his sister about the bra. When he heard his sister come up the stairs he stripped off the bra and hid it in the back of the vanity. For the next two weeks Brian wore “his” bra every chance he could, even got brave enough to wear it to bed one night. Then one morning as he came down stairs he heard is mother asking about the bra. His sister said she hadn’t seen it and assumed that she had returned it because she wasn’t going to wear it. His mother said she never touched it. Brain was in a panic, he quickly returned upstairs and pulled the bra from its hiding place and slipped into his sisters room and dropped it behind her dresser. Nothing more was said and a few weeks later he noticed his sister was finally wearing “his” bra. What a thrill it was to know he wore it first. As his sister got older that bra made it’s way to the back of the draw and is now only worn by Brian.
Once Brian finished reminiscing about the bra he pulled out panty hose and sat down on the bed to put them on. Once he smoothed them up his legs he went right to the make-up then started on his shoulder length hair. Anxious to get into the dress Brian just pulled back his hair, clipped it and pulled a few strands forward. Now onto the main event he thought… the most beautiful dress he ever saw…
Brian stood in his sisters room shaking as he took it off the hanger. He stepped into it, pulled it up, put his arms through the shoulder straps and let it settle across his chest. With some twisting and wriggling he managed to zip it up and couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to wear the dress. He twirled and danced in front of the mirror and no matter how hard he looked he couldn’t find a trace Brian anywhere. While walking across the room in his stocking feet he thought, shoes, I need shoes. He tried his sisters, but nothing seemed to fit. A quick trip to moms room and he was wearing silver sandals with a small heel. Not bad he though as he made his way back down the hall in heels for the first time. After a photo session Brian decided to stay dressed for a few more hours, he headed downstairs to the family room to watch TV. Later on, with the family due back soon Brian headed upstairs to get changed. After kicking off the heels he went to unzip the dress and that’s when he realized he couldn’t reach the zipper! Once again he twisted and wriggled, but to no avail. He tried everything, even a clothes hanger to hook the zipper, but it was no good. Next he tried to just slip out of it, but it was too snug. The clock was ticking and mom and sis would be home soon. As panic set in, Brian realized he was stuck, stuck in his sisters’ new dress. Then it happened, he heard voices down stairs and ran to the bathroom and locked the door, his heart racing faster than ever. His mom called his name and through the door he gave a wimper of “I’m going in the shower”. Then he heard his sister come up and go into her room. He waited with his ear to the door to hear her leave, but all he heard was his sister opening her closet and dresser draws as if she was changing her clothes then soft foot steps getting closer to the bathroom. A gentle knock at the door and his sister said “Brian make sure you hang my dress up before you shower I don’t want it wrinkled”. Now Brian was not only panicked, but confused as well. And all he could say was “I can’t unzip it” then he realized he just told his sister he was wearing it. So when she said let her help he just opened the door and let her in. To his surprise she wasn’t mad and even complimented him on his hair and make-up…

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Games

Giggles and Smiles Always, Becca

I only put these clothes on because it’s Valentines Day and you asked me. You said it would be fun, sorta like a Sadie Hawkins thing… But there is no way I’m going out like this. Yes the dress fits fine and the panties and bra aren’t so bad. You know I love these tights, at least when you wear them. What if someone from school sees me, I mean this belt is so stupid looking and the wig, we have to do something with it and maybe a little make-up? And what about shoes, can I wear those white pumps with the little kitten heel? 
   Looks like 14 year old Thomas is really enjoying his Girlfriends Valintines games. Just wait until she ells him the panties, tights and bra are his to keep and they will be heading to the mall this Valintines Day for some girl power shaopping...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cos Play for Bobby

Bobby you are being sooo good about this, you are a life saver.

It’s not your fault they sent the wrong size costume, but why do I have to wear the bra and panties?

It just makes the costume look better, it helps to fill it out. Now lets get the slip on you.

Why does the bottom stick out so much? Isn’t it a little short?

That’s the style sweetie, now sit down and put on these knee socks.

I don’t know sis, I’m having second thoughts you’re the one who likes this Anima and Cos Play stuff not me. Are you sure you need these pictures?

Yes, I spent a lot of money on this costume I want some good pictures. Now lets get to your make-up

When can I see what our doing?

Soon, I promise. Now sit still. I’m almost finished… Perfect! Now just the dress and the wig.

It’s not a DRESS, call it a costume, Pleeease!

Whatever…Beautiful, you look great, let me fix your wig a little, perfect!! Now take a look!

OOOHH SH*&! Who is that? That can’t be me! But she is so cute!

It’s you silly, now put on these mary jane shoes and lets get going.

Going? Going where? I’m not going out like this!! No way! What about the pictures?

I already took them. We are going to the Cos play convention down town and you are my entry for best costume. Unless you want these pictures I just took all over school.

Fine, but what if someone recognizes me?

Who, mom would not even know you, now lets go.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution...

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone,
Giggles and Smiles Always, Becca