Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Michael loves when his parents go away for long weekends. No sooner do their taillights disappear, than Michelle makes her appearance. Michael has been doing this for about 2 years now, since he was 14 and his sister went away to collage. At first he would just wear the clothes she left at home, but soon he found himself buying his own things. Sometimes he would see a girl at school wearing the same thing he had bought for himself and couldn’t wait to get home and put his on. Before long he had dresses, skirts, tops, even a pair of girls jeans, and shoes. He now had more panties than his sister and several bras too.
Much to his parents displeasure Michael has been letting his hair grow over the last year and a half and this weekend he is going to put his long hair to use. With all the practice he has had fixing his hair and playing with make-up, he finally feels confident enough to venture out.
Here we catch a glimpse of Michelle in the mirror fixing her hair. All “she” needs now is her skirt to cover her “boy leg” panties, some shoes and the adventure begins…

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