Friday, January 6, 2012

Cos Play for Bobby

Bobby you are being sooo good about this, you are a life saver.

It’s not your fault they sent the wrong size costume, but why do I have to wear the bra and panties?

It just makes the costume look better, it helps to fill it out. Now lets get the slip on you.

Why does the bottom stick out so much? Isn’t it a little short?

That’s the style sweetie, now sit down and put on these knee socks.

I don’t know sis, I’m having second thoughts you’re the one who likes this Anima and Cos Play stuff not me. Are you sure you need these pictures?

Yes, I spent a lot of money on this costume I want some good pictures. Now lets get to your make-up

When can I see what our doing?

Soon, I promise. Now sit still. I’m almost finished… Perfect! Now just the dress and the wig.

It’s not a DRESS, call it a costume, Pleeease!

Whatever…Beautiful, you look great, let me fix your wig a little, perfect!! Now take a look!

OOOHH SH*&! Who is that? That can’t be me! But she is so cute!

It’s you silly, now put on these mary jane shoes and lets get going.

Going? Going where? I’m not going out like this!! No way! What about the pictures?

I already took them. We are going to the Cos play convention down town and you are my entry for best costume. Unless you want these pictures I just took all over school.

Fine, but what if someone recognizes me?

Who, mom would not even know you, now lets go.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution...

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone,
Giggles and Smiles Always, Becca