Monday, June 18, 2018

Stevies Dance Recital

It wasn’t until little Stevie got on stage did the gravity of his decision really hit him. This was his second year taking dance and he really loved it. His Jazz classes were so much fun and his teacher said he was a natural with tap. Wanting to be well rounded he added ballet this year. When it came time for the recital he was disappointed to learn he would only be in the Tap and Jazz numbers. When his mom picked him up that day he was almost in tears. The teacher explained that the ballet number really didn’t have a boys part as she planned it a year in advance never expecting Stevie to be part of the class. Stevie said he didn’t care who the part was for so long as he could dance with his class. Trying to dissuade little Stevie she brought out the costume he would have to wear. He looked at his mother for approval and she said it was up to him. Of course, at the time he didn’t know he would have to wear girls panties as his would not work with the costume. The day of the recital Stevie slipped on his new panties and white tights under his sweat pants and headed to the theater. His Jazz and Tap costume changes went fine with his black pants over his tights. When he finished the Tap number, one of the backstage mothers quickly grabbed him and led him to a private changing room. There she told him to strip to his tights and she would help him dress. Stevie did as he was told and before he knew it he was stepping into a white leotard with an attached skirt and sparkles all over it. He had tried it on before but now it seemed different and when he slipped his arms through the holes and she gently straightened the elastics on his shoulders everything got foggy. Then he heard Stevie, Stevie come on we still have hair and makeup. As nervous as he was he danced well and even smiled a bit as his mom gave him flowers after the show. Then his friend Olivia said to him grab your Keds we are all going for ice-cream in costume. His mother smiled and said why not, have fun…